Online Casino

Welcome to, here you’ll find guides and introductions to the most popular online casino games and information on how you can play for free. For thousands of years we have gambled and only recently has the comfort and security increased to the point where we can play online casinos from our couch, bed or even on the bus and train. The only limitation of an online casino is location and internet, but for any country where online casinos are legal and where you have an internet connection – all you need is a computer.

Online Casinos
Online Casinos are still relatively new, at least compared to the live casinos that are based all across the world. It’s also a different experience and while it might not give you memories for life (good or bad), that’s not really the point. Online Casinos are an easy way to gamble or use your skills in casino games where you can gain an edge like Black Jack or Poker, whenever you want and almost wherever you want. is an Australian themed online casino guide focusing on pokies bonuses and more.

Reliable and trustworthy Online Casinos are perfectly secure and will handle all your information confidentially and make sure you can withdraw all your winnings whenever you desire with a casino such as Spin Palace.

How do Online Casino Games work?
Online Casino games operate with software, it doesn’t matter if you play them in your browser or in a downloaded software client. The basic programming remains the same in its use of a random number generator that generates a completely random number, which in turn is translated into a symbol, letter, card or number in the casino games. From casino game developers like Betsoft, Cryptologic and Microgaming or similar companies you can be sure you will get a fair game without any cheating from the online casino.

What games can I play at Online Casinos?
Any game you want is available at an online casino, whether you’re an avid poker player and want to take a few hands against the dealer and play a few rounds of videopoker. Or if you’re after a few deals of Black Jack, a few rounds on the Roulette Wheel or a spin on a fun and exciting videoslot. Those are the typical casino games we’ve all heard about, but you can also find games of Baccarat, Keno and Bingo not to mention simple scratch cards like the ones you can buy at a shop.

How much or little can I bet at Online Casinos?
Online Casinos cater to every level of play, from a few cents per round to a few thousand per spin. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or veteran, you can still play any casino game you want. The only restrictions you may encounter are on progressive jackpots or tournaments where a certain restriction may be set in order to gain access to the jackpot/tournament. It’s possible to play a round of Black Jack for €0.10 or €1000, same as it’s possible to spin a videoslot with 30 bet-lines for just €0.30. Of course the more you bet, the more you can win – but an important thing when playing at a casino is to play according to your bankroll. If you play according to your bankroll, you’re much more likely to win in the long run. In other words, it’s better to play 100 rounds in a game than 1 – you’ll get more chances of Lady Luck getting around to you in 100 games.